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  • 30 min Clinical therapeutic Massage $65
    Many clients use this treatment to work directly on an area causing debilitating muscular pain.  It is best used over a period of three day intervals comprising of three or four treatments.  It is not a massage where you can incorporate the whole body.  It is specifically targeted to addressing muscle pain.
  • 60 min Remedial/Clinical Therapeutic Massage Trina Steer 1hr $105
    Firm, deep, stretching, flowing describes the experience of  a Remedial Clinical Massage. This massage is a combination between assessing where your muscle pain presents and the muscles affected causing any restrictive mobility. it is a combination of 'remedial' massage working the soft tissue and 'clinical' where ligaments and tendons may be involved.
  • 60 min Pregnancy Massage Trina Steer 1hr $105
    Pregnancy massage is a beautiful way to feel nurtured. With over 21 years experience in massage many mums to be ask me when is it okay to have a massage. The answer is from the first trimester till almost term.  As a well qualified highly experienced therapist, most of my pregnancy ladies are through word of mouth or referral.
  • 60 min Massage for Relieving Stress Trina Steer 1 hr $105
    Popular with many people particularly helpful when experiencing difficult times in life where sleeping has become interrupted. Helps calm daily stresses. 
  • 60 min Deep Tissue Therapy Trina Steer 1hr $105
  • 90 min Remedial Therapeutic Clinical Massage Trina Steer 90mins $155
  • 90 min Massage for Relieving Stress Trina Steer $155
    Nervous tension often creates muscular pain and undue tightness in the body.  Combine this with sleep deprivation and restlessness, over a period of time you will experience chronic irritability.  This type of massage treatment works the nervous tissue, it is firm.  It also addresses the areas needing attention. 



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